Greenhouse village nominated for Altran 2006 Award

Greenhouse village is nominated for the Altran 2006 Award. Out of the 80 applications received the Jury -composed of 17 international experts- has selected 6 finalist projects from Dutch, Italian, British and French structures. One of the nominees is Zonneterp, or in English called ''Greenhouse Village'; the energy independent zone, thanks to combined greenhouses + houses.

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Housing, consuming twice as much energy than 30 years ago, is at the core of the energy efficiency problematic.  In temperate climates, houses and other living or working spaces mainly use fossil fuels for heating, lighting, sanitation, etc.  Houses are heated in winter and cooled in summer.  Finding sustainable energy sources and greater energy optimization systems in housing belongs to the prioritary needs at a time when climate change, shortage in energy sources and countries’ strengthening dependency are becoming the main issues of our century.

In this context, Noor van Andel’s team at the Dutch company Fiwihex developed Greenhouse Village, an innovative concept.

A Fiwihex’s Greenhouse Village is a combination of houses and greenhouses implemented together for the creation of an energy independent zone with no use of fossil fuels for all power needs. Solar energy becomes the main source.  The system is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical solution.

Basically, Greenhouse Village uses the excess of solar energy captured by greenhouses for other power needs in housing: the greenhouse cover remains closed, the summer heat is transferred to ground water and is later used for heating (greenhouses as well as living spaces) ; in the winter a cooling tower keeps part of the aquifer cold and this water is used in summer for cooling greenhouses as well as living spaces when the temperature rises. Biogas resulting from digesting the greenhouse and other waste produces carbon dioxide for the closed greenhouse, electricity and hot water for the village.

More information about the greenhouse village on this website: www.zonneterp.nl

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